HopHacks is the bi-annual hackathon hosted at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This event brings engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to explore new ideas, compete for prizes, and create amazing applications. For 36 hours, students work in teams of up to 4 to bring a software or hardware idea to life.

Teams start working on their hacks (at 9:00 PM) after the Friday evening kickoff event and continue working until Sunday morning (9:00 AM). All submissions MUST be made on Devpost.

All of the prizes, including sponsored prizes, will be judged and announced at the presentation.

See more at https://www.hophacks.com.


Any university student, regardless of university, may participate. Graduate and undergraduate students from all departments and divisions are welcome. 

You must register online and receive email confirmation before attending. Please be prepared to show your University ID upon check-in.


At the end of the hackathon, your team can submit a project on DevPost. Your project will then be judged during your science fair style presentation during the presentation time.

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$3,322 in prizes

Hacking - First Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the highest overall score from the judges ($1024)

Hacking - Second Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the second highest overall score from the judges ($512).

Hacking - Third Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the third highest overall score from the judges ($256)

.tech Domains

Hey there!

Programmers at HopHacks can get a FREE .tech domain and 1 team will stand the chance to win the .tech Category Prize - $250 Amazon Voucher! Cool, eh?

Win the $250 .tech Category prize!

Feature your cool hackathon project on your free .tech domain name.
Make sure to make your full .tech domain your official team name and mention the URL while submitting it on Devpost!

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Log onto - www.get.tech/startups - and fill your details.
Select HopHacks and enter the secret code - hophacks.tech - to submit your request.

Once approved, you will receive a coupon code which you can use at checkout on www.get.tech till the last day of the hackathon to get your FREE .tech domain name.

If you have any questions, you can drop us an email - techsquad@get.tech

Mission Data: Best User Experience

We are looking for the something that is pleasing to the eye but also, and more importantly, easy to use. Software that does a lot but is hard to use or figure out is only solving half of the problem. Create something that stands out and that your user(s) will enjoy and $100 to split with your team can be yours.

Bloomberg: Best Philanthropic Hack

The team with the hack that best supports philanthropy or a philanthropic cause will win a DRONE!

Atana: Best digital health hack

$100 in ether gift cards for each member of the winning team

Judging criteria:
easy to integrate health data sources (ex: fitbit, apple health, other streams of data); compelling problem that exists in the real world and solution should be a unique approach to: derive clearer insights, lead to positive health outcomes, and smarter decisions

PayPal: Best Hack For the Underbanked

Amazon Echo for each member of the team

Judging criteria:
Viability & completeness; Customer understanding; Problem impact; Creative use of technology, tools, and APIs.

Registrar: Best Hack For Enhancing The Student Experience And Creating Community (2)

Award two teams each $160. This should equate to each member receiving $40 worth of Amazon gift cards.

Possible Themes:
The theme/topics that we are interested in are below.
I. a phone app similar to like a dating app that connects students to JHU Student Organizations based on interests, profiles, etc.

II. Personal information updates – Safety App that allows students to update their most recent contact information in SIS with a click of a button. (Problem – Its hard to follow up and or contact robbery and or assault victims on campus because their contact info is outdated)

III. Virtual campus maps for freshmen and visitors – Freshmen and Visting students get a schedule and have NO idea which building is which. Could we create some type of mobile app that allows students to type in a name of a building and get a virtual image and if necessary, a tour of the building? Campus events could also be loaded to it to notify students what is going on or tap on to learn more. Think Pokemon GO.

IV. Cloud base storage for student forms – A way/app for students to store & view their own documents, which may or may not utilize OnBase.

Google: Best Google Related Hack

one that either uses our technology, or best represents Google's mission statement: organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful). We will provide a chromecast, google cardboard, and google swag for each team member on the winning team.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Zoe Bell

Zoe Bell
Lead Producer at Big Huge Games

Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter
FastForward U Student Venture Coordinator

Craig Connell

Craig Connell
Senior Vice President of Engineering at STAQ

Nick Culbertson

Nick Culbertson
CEO & Co-Founder of Protenus

Steve Feldman

Steve Feldman
VP of Engineering Contrast Security

Yair Flicker

Yair Flicker
President of SmartLogic

Brian Wm. Higgins

Brian Wm. Higgins
Blank Rome Intellectual Property Lawyer

Adam Langer

Adam Langer

Terrance MacGregor

Terrance MacGregor
CTO of LawIQ & CEO of ByteLion

Dan Roche

Dan Roche
Johns Hopkins Technological Ventures Mentor in Residence

Gorkem Sevinc

Gorkem Sevinc
emocha Mobile Health

Kevin Thibodeau

Kevin Thibodeau
CEO of Vixiar

David Troy

David Troy
CEO & Co-Founder of 410 Labs

Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles
Senior Advisory Embedded Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman

Joshua Reiter

Joshua Reiter
Applications Online

Judging Criteria

  • Polish
    Judges will rate how polished your product and code looks, so make sure you submit the neat stuff!
  • Usefulness
    Judges will rate how well your product fills its intended need.
  • Creativity
    Judges will rate how unique and innovative your idea is.
  • Technical Skill
    Judges will rate how advanced your design and execution is, so don't be modest!

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